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Use the schedule below to identify potential courses for Spring 2020 quarter. To see the full list of courses, including closed courses, select Status All. Closed courses may be available for enrollment on a case by case basis.

To request enrollment, refer to the enrollment instructions provided by the International Programs office.
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Courses numbered 600 and above are graduate level and not open for undergraduate enrollment.
CourseMatch: Courses denoted with a star icon () open for enrollment on March 9 and have a small number of guaranteed seats for visiting students.
About CSU Fully Online Courses
What is Fully Online?

Fully Online is a cross-enrollment program that allows matriculated CSU students to concurrently take one online course at another CSU campus at no additional tuition cost.* Students must meet eligibility criteria to participate.

You’re Eligible for CSU Fully Online If:

✔ You’ve completed at least one term at a CSU campus as a matriculated student in a state-supported program** and earned at least 12 units at that campus.

✔ Your GPA is at least 2.0 at your campus and you are in good standing.

✔ You are or will be enrolled at your campus during the time you’re taking a fully online class through another CSU campus.

✔ You’ve paid all your tuition as a full-time student.

Enrolling in CSU Fully Online Program Courses
Be sure you’re aware of these conditions for enrollment:
  1. Your concurrent enrollment is approved only for the term specified and is subject to space availability and the registration priority policies at the host campus.

  2. Academic advising is available to you only at your home campus.

  3. You can participate in CSU Fully Online programs only at campuses that follow the same term schedule as your home campus (i.e., semester campus to semester campus, or quarter to quarter).

  4. The host campus (through which you take the online course) may ask you to provide evidence of completion of course prerequisites (i.e., personal transcripts or grade reports).

  5. Financial aid is available only through your home campus. If you’re eligible for veterans, rehabilitation, Social Security and other federal, state or county benefits, you must secure eligibility certification from your home campus.

Questions about CSU Fully Online Courses? Talk to your academic advisor or email coursematch@calstate.edu.
Do your CSU classmates know about Fully Online courses? Spread the news that they can take 1 free* online course per term, if they meet eligibility requirements!
*No additional systemwide tuition is charged. However, non-resident tuition is in addition to applicable systemwide tuition and must be paid to the host campus offering a Fully Online course.
**State supported programs are charged systemwide tuition. They do not include Extended Education and certificate programs.
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